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Central Georgia Soccer Association


The job description of the League Commissioner is:

Practice Fields
The Commissioner must ensure that all practice fields meet league requirements and provide a safe
environment for training and play. The Commissioner will work with the Director of Fields &
Maintenance, and other Board member where applicable, to ensure practice fields are playable and
have proper equipment for training and game play.

The Commissioner shall ensure playing fields on match day are playable. If not, the Commissioner will
close field(s) for match play and ensure teams are appropriately notified. This may include phone
calls/messages and/or website notification(s).

Match Schedules
The Commissioner will work with program directors (Directors of Select, Academy, and Recreation);
Director of Registration; and Website Administrator to develop and communicate match schedules for
all teams. After the Director of registration has completed the registration and placed players on
appropriate teams the League Commissioner will develop match schedules for each program and age
group. The League Commissioner when developing match schedules will take into account holidays,
school schedules, GYSA special dates (clinics, tournaments, etc.), and coach’s blackout dates and will not
schedule matches on these days. The Commissioner with then work with program directors to help
communicate and deliver match schedules to coaches, players and parents. This may include, but not all
limited to, coaches and parents meetings. The Commissioner will also work with the Website
Administrator to ensure match schedules are posted on the CGSA website and kept up‐to‐date.

Disciplinary Action
The Commissioner, when applicable, will take part in player/parent disciplinary action as appropriate to
Club and GYSA guidelines for progressive disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action is first initiated by a
coach through interaction with a player and/or parent. If the issue has not been settled the issue will
then be addressed by the respective program director. If still not resolved then the issue will be
directed to the League Commissioner for resolution. This action may be resolved by the Commissioner;
however it may and can go to the Board of Directors for a final vote. Any unresolved issue at this point
will go to GYSA for determination. In most cases typical issues are resolved by a coach or program

Miscellaneous Duties
The League Commissioner is also responsible for any other duties stated in CGSA’s By‐Laws and Club
Guide. These duties are subject to the control and direction of the CGSA Board of Directors and can
change at any time.