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Here are the teams and levels that we anticipate having in the Fall of 2019.  The levels and coaches may change dependant upon the players who come out for tryouts.

07- Athena C, Kurt Dzwonkowski
06- Athena B, Chris Wrabel
05- Athena B, Chris Wrabel 
04- National League, Seth Semones
03- Athena B, Connor Terry
02/01- National League, Jason Kirk

07- Classic 4, Tyler Daly
06- GPL, Jason Kirk and Kent Wheeler
5- Classic 2, Connor Terry
04- Classic 2 and Classic 3, Jeff Tomberlin and Moe Muhammed
03- Classic 2, Moe Muhammed
02/01- Classic 1 and Classic 2, Jeff Tomberlin,Enrique Fuentes