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Central Georgia Soccer Association

Academy Program Overview

The CGSA Academy program operates under the name Southern Alliance Futbol-Warner Robins (or SAF-WR).  The CGSA has its philosophy, methods, and activities consistent with the National Youth License agenda. Game format utilizes the small-sided teaching philosophy. Low-stress atmosphere with exposure to the game and an emphasis on skill development.
It provides younger soccer players with a comprehensive training and playing experience in order to prepare them for the competitive Select soccer environment of the age U-13 age group and above.
Environment where players are allowed to flourish in a competitive arena in which skill development (not winning) is the determinant of success, where quality and long-term benefits are more important than short-term gains.
Education of players and parents in club values and age-appropriate player development. Flexibility in program rules so that teaching takes precedence over game administration. Outcomes are learning and fun - not scores and standings. Nominal travel so that players are spared traditional statewide competition.
Program decisions made in the best interest of player development, not a team. Removal of games of elimination, including selection via try-outs whenever feasible. Local leadership in care of a National Licensed Coach (administrator, DOC or Academy Director).
Peer enforcement of best coaching and game management methods at participating clubs.
Teams and Playing Groups:
Playing group sizes and game format:
U-9: 7v7 games with 9-12 players/group max. as specified by GYSA Rules regional travel
U-10: 7v7 games with 9-12 players/group max. as specified by GYSA Rules regional travel
U-11: 9v9 games with 12-15 players/group max. as specified by GYSA Rules regional travel
U-12: 9v9 games with 12-15 players/group max. as specified by GYSA Rules statewide travel

Training and Administration:
All age groups will be run by a nationally licensed Director of Coaching, and will introduce qualified licensed trainers and “parent coaches” as assistants only. Training will consist of 3 sessions each week with one session being dedicated to individual skill development. Attendance will be monitored as an additional measure of reaching program objectives.
Additionally, a Friday Fun Game Night will be offered occasionally during the season.  This is a time of free play which will be monitored and organized by the trainers. The emphasis will be on playing and enjoyment of the game.  There will be no training during this time.  This is optional for the Academy players. More information regarding this activity will be sent out during the season.
Sessions/practice drills will vary according to each trainer. However, the majority of practice time at these age groups should be devoted to improving the technical abilities of players. The “Player Development Model Table” (Georgia Soccer Web site) recommends around 70% of practice time devoted to technique.

Cost of Participation:
Registration fees for the Academy Program are $385 staring in Fall 2018. Travel costs to festivals or interleague game play will be the responsibility of each individual player (gas/meals etc). Any additional tournament participation will be at the discretion of the trainer, team, and Team Manager, and will also be the responsibility of each individual.

Typically, Academy teams participate in a Post-Season Tournament (average cost is approx $60 per player), and most teams (U10-U12) will participate in a Pre-Season Tournament as well (same average cost).  Tournaments will require a 1 or 2 night hotel stay due to the early game schedules and venue location.  The Academy Director can aid in the selection tournaments that offer outstanding competition, while minimizing excessive travel costs for far-away tournament locations.  Most tournaments will take place in or near the Atlanta metropolitan area. 
Uniforms will be the same as the CGSA Select Program and will be the responsibility of the player. (All mandatory uniform items tend to cost $120)
Trainer Fees will be determined based on the yearly evaluation of Fee Structure set forth and approved by the Board of Directors yearly but are included in your registration fees.
Academy participation requires a higher level of commitment in finances, time, and dedication to development of skills, from players and parents alike. This is a yearly commitment from both the parents and players. While we would like this program to be made available to all members that would like to take part, the resource demand on both facilities and staff require us to place certain limitations on participation. In order to insure the best possible implementation for all involved, an informal evaluation of those interested in participating will be used, only when necessary. Program participation limitations will be determined prior to each season.

Click here for additional information: Academy Program Guide