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Responsibilities & Conduct

PARENT’S Responsibilities & Code of Conduct:

Training Sessions:
  • Parents must try to ensure that players arrive prior to the start of all practice sessions.
  • No jewelry to be worn. [Ear rings etc].
  • All players are dressed accordingly. Shin guards are to be worn at all practice and games. 
  • Inform the coach/trainer of any injuries and illnesses.
  • Parents are asked not to give additional advice to the players when the coach/trainer is working. [This applies to practices and games].
  • Ensure that players arrive at the requested time.
  • In form coach/trainer of any injuries and illnesses.
  • If players are unable to attend, parents must contact the coach/trainer as soon as possible. If the coach/trainer is unreachable, then contact with the Director of Player Development must be made.
  • Encourage your child and team at all opportunities. What gets rewarded gets repeated!
  • All parents will be asked to stand on the opposite side of the coach/trainer.
General Responsibilities:
  • Support your child and his teammates with positive reinforcement.
  • Do not offer negative criticism of your child or one of their teammates.
  • Treat the referee with respect.
  • Treat the parents and players of the opposition with respect.
  • Have a healthy perspective of youth sports and do not get caught up in the emotions of a victory or a loss
  • Team managers are dedicated volunteers that donate time and energy to the team. Treat the Team Manager with dignity and respect at all times
  • Represent yourself, your family, and the club as best you can - be a good example.

GYSA Rules

Rules of conduct to be adhered to by participants at all Youth Soccer events are:
  • 710.3a Offensive, insulting, and abusive language will not be tolerated, either on field of play or in field’s general area.
  • 710.3b Unsporting Ungentlemanlyconduct will not be tolerated.
  • 710.3c Respect for referee, either on field or in field’s general area, must be shown by all.
  • 710.3d Punctuality by both teams and referee must be practiced out of courtesy for others.
  • 710.3e Dangerous play must not be taught or encouraged. All players must be taught to "play the ball" and not the "man".
  • 710.3f Proper respect for opposing teams and spectators must be exhibited by all. 
  • 710.3g Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the general area of the field.
  • 710.4 Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, officialsteam representatives and spectators.
  • 710.5 Physical violence, foul and abusive language, harassment of players or referees WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • 710.6 The use of noise-making or amplifying devices is PROHIBITED.
  • 710.7 Such conduct will be reported by the referee even in situations where cards were not awarded.


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