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Central Georgia Soccer Association


SAF-WR/CGSA Pre-Academy

Our Pre-Academy Program operates under the name Southern Alliance Futbol-Warner Robins (SAF-WR) and is designed to train children in the skills 
necessary to excel in soccer for many years to come.  Our program focuses on development of the soccer player in ball control, passing, spacing, shooting, and defending.

Sign up from the Spring 2018 Pre-Academy Program will begin in December 2017. Final prices have not been determined.

Academy and Pre-Academy Changes Starting in Spring of 2018

Little Strikers Program

o   Age Groups U5 and U6

o   This program concentrates on providing young players with a solid foundation in basic soccer technical skills and provides a median to allow the young players to begin fostering a love of the game.

o   Sessions will consist of fun and challenging exercises in addition to small-sided games

o   Sessions will be provided twice a week for 12 weeks by a paid trainer from CGSA’s training staff.

o   There are no tryouts for this program

Pre-Academy Program

o   Age Groups U7, U8, and U10 (U9 and U10 would be in the same group)

o   This program is designed to be a transitional program between the Rec and Academy levels.  It provides an environment for Recreational players who are looking for a more challenging environment.

o   This program focuses on individual skills and small group play.

o   Games will be both in-house and against other local clubs with the emphasis on individual development within a structured team environment, not the outcome of matches.

o   Games will be played against other teams within their age group. 

o   Training will be held twice a week with games on Fridays and Saturdays by a paid trainer from CGSA’s training staff.  The length of training session will depend on the age group.

o   There will be no tryouts for this program



o   Age Groups U9, U10, U11, U12

o   The biggest change that we will see is that we will see a program that will consist of tryouts. 

o   We are discussing and clarifying the logistics of tryouts so they will be available at a later date.  However, players must undergo a tryout or assessment to make an Academy Team.

o   The Academy program will then have a set team that will play and travel the Academy schedule.  We will look to have a specified team in each age group. 

§  If numbers and competitiveness are there, we will create 2 teams.  If they aren’t, we will take the top group and form one team.  

§  All players who do not make the Academy team will be asked to participate on the Pre-Academy team.


All players progress at different rates and our hope is to provide an environment where your player can develop their skills, play relative competition, and learn to love the game.